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A Little About AirTrack Factory

AirTrack Factory are the worlds leading manufacturer of air products and manufacture professional AirTracks, as well as home use AirTracks, and we are proud to bring those products to the UK.

As a manufacturer of air products, AirTrack Factory focus on quality from start to finish and strive to deliver the best service and highest quality products. AirTrack Factory focus on every detail of the product, from the quality of the material used, to the detail in the valves and comfort of the handles; giving you without a doubt the best quality AirTrack product on the market today.

A question we are often asked is how do AirTrack Factory products compare to cheaper brands on the market? See for yourself in this handy comparison

AirTrack Factory products are lightweight and ideal for many disciplines. Just click on the product you are interested in below, for AirTrack Factory prices in the UK.

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What is the best AirTrack?

Without a shadow of a doubt AirTrack Factory are only choice for air products. Our company values are aligned in striving to offer the best products and service possible.

Which AirTrack Factory AirTrack is the best? It's a tricky question... the best AirTrack for you, depends on your needs and your discipline.

If you're in any doubt at all, one of our experts will be happy to guide you through buying the best air product for your needs. 

All of our AirTracks are made from the same durable sports double wall fabric. So it doesn't matter if you are choosing a professional AirTrack or a product for home use, you can be confident in the quality we provide.

For home use our 3m AirFloors are the most popular product. For schools, PE lessons won't ever be the same if you choose to invest in one of our AirTrack Take Off Sets.

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What's the difference between an AirFloor and AirTrack?

AirFloors are 10cm thick, P2 AirTracks are 20cm and you guessed it, P3 AirTracks are 30cm thick. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the AirTrack, the more bouncier the rebound. Thanks to the handy pin in the grey valves, you can quickly and easily play with the pressure on the AirTracks, making them as firm or soft as you like.     

How long does it take to inflate and deflate AirTracks?

Inflation and deflation times vary depending on the size of the air product and the type of pump you are using. The pumps we sell have been specifically picked due to the pressure they are able to reach and the speed that they can inflate. For example using an OV10 Blower for a 3m x 2m AirFloor you can expect inflation to take around 32 seconds. For a Hikoki blower on a 15 x 2.8m P3 AirTrack inflation should take around 4 mins 25 seconds. 

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AirTrack Factory products are ideal for many disciplines. The products are airtight, light weight and easy to store...

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