Trampoline Bed Re-stitching Service

Extend The Life Of Your Trampoline Bed

Over time stitching on a web trampoline bed will need repairing to extend the lifetime of your equipment. We offer a trampoline bed re-stitching service for a variety of jumping beds. Please note we are unable to carry out this repair work on site, so the bed will need to be removed and sent to us (please contact us first for a turnaround time and the best address to post it to).

Unsure if your bed is repairable? Why not send us photo’s of the damage for a free assessment.

If you need any advice on how to remove and refit a jumping bed, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Re-stitching Prices: 

  • 6mm x 4mm bed re-stitch - £210.00 (£252.00 inc VAT)
  • 6mm x 6mm bed re-stitch - £194.00 (£232.80 inc VAT)
  • 13mm x 13mm bed re-stitch - £184.00 (£220.80 inc VAT)

For prices on any other trampoline, double minitramp or minitramp bed re-stitching please contact

For 4x4mm beds a strand repair service is available but re-stitching is not possible.