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AirTrack Take Off Set

Basic AirTrack Take-Off Set.png
Plus AirTrack Take-Off Set.png
Complete AirTrack Take-Off Set.png
Basic AirTrack Take-Off Set.png
Plus AirTrack Take-Off Set.png
Complete AirTrack Take-Off Set.png

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Looking for Gymnastics Equipment in the UK? Your search is over!

AirTrack Factory have recently developed the AirTrack Take Off Set, which is the perfect set of inflatable gymnastics mats, with an innovative AirRoll Take Off to give you an extra boost! AirTrack Factory have combined high quality air products in this set to make exercises fun and easier to master. Check out the video for inspiration on how it can be used. 

So whether you are looking for school gym equipment to enhance your PE lessons or add gymnastics equipment to a leisure centre, this could be the perfect versatile set for you, that children (and adults!) will love to use.

The AirTrack Factory AirTracks are all air tight, so there is no noise of a constant pump during training. The set is also very portable and easier to store.  

The Take Off Set's are available in three different versions, the basic, plus and complete set. See the chart below for exactly what is included in each set. 

Compare Basic, Plus & Complete AirTrack Take Off Set's

What's Included




8m P3 AirTrack

(Choose from 2m or 2.8m wide)

blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png   blue-tick-hi.pngx2
AirRoll TakeOff  blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png      blue-tick-hi.pngx2 
 AirBox Set    blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png 
AirBox Anchoring Kit      blue-tick-hi.png 
AirIncline     blue-tick-hi.png
Stabiliser  blue-tick-hi.png   blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png 
Track Connector      blue-tick-hi.png
 Back to back Velcro Strips     blue-tick-hi.png
Transport Bag  blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png 
Manometer blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png
HiKOKI Blower  blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png blue-tick-hi.png
OV10 Blower  blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png  blue-tick-hi.png

As a UK supplier of gymnastics equipment, we have chosen AirTrack Factory for the excellent quality that their products offer. They focus on customer satisfaction and have over 31 years of experience in the production of inflatables. Each M² of AirTrack equipment consists of 80,000 threads, offering an extremely stable rebound. Every AirTrack is handmade by a team of experts with extensive quality control checks.

Level up and have fun! 

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