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Posted by Frankie on February 17, 2020

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The bounce you’re familiar with...

The safety you expect...

A set-up time you never thought was possible...

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What makes it different? 

AirTrack Factory are always working on new and revolutionary ways to break barriers and create something that makes your training easier and more efficient. So, it's no surprise that they have upped the game yet again with the AirTrack Factory competition floor.


The complete competition floor splits into 7 Airtrack Factory AirFloors so its multi functional and a lot easier to set up than the standard competition floor.

AirFloors can also be purchased individually for those organisations wanting to spread the cost and make it manageable over a period of time.


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Since it’s an air product, you can constantly adjust the pressure to suit the user's body type and skill levels. The inlays provided offer a perfect balance of foam types that guarantee a smooth imperceptible transition between mats and equal bounce and feel across the entire floor.


Some things to note...

  • The floor can be set up by just two people within one hour
  • The full floor can be easily adjusted in pressure
  • The competition-sized floor consists of seven AirFloors or less!
  • A single floor piece with or without a top layer can be used as a training or warm-up track
  • Interested in another size? Bespoke options are available. A 10 x 10 meter floor or a 12.8 by 16.4 meter cheer floor; any size is possible


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See for yourself how easy your set up can be.



So, what are you waiting for? The future of sport is ready.

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