Equipment Maintenance Checks

Maintenance Checks For Trampolines & Air Products

Maintaining your equipment is extremely important, to help you do this we have listed some simple checks below. Getting into a good routine with your equipment maintenance checks will help to give you piece of mind that your equipment is in a good safe working order, as well as prolonging your equipment's life. Our team are always happy to help should you need any advice at all. To book your annual safety inspection please contact us. For tips on basic adjustments to your trampoline please watch the Eurotramp video below.

Recommended Checks for Trampolines, DMT’s & Minitramps

Set up the equipment in line with the instructions in the manufacturer user manual.

Checks before each use:

  1. Pads are secure to frame and are not torn
  2. Jumping bed has no loose stitching or broken webbing
  3. No missing springs or broken anchor bars
  4. Spring hooks are all pointing down
  5. Leg section chains are not loose
  6. Equipment looks level

Monthly Checks

  1. Leg brace allan screws are tight
  2. Castor are tight, free from debris and turn smoothly
  3. Turnbuckles on chains are tight and not distorted

Annual Checks

The industry standard is a full annual inspection/service by a qualified engineer.
Any recommendations made by the engineer should be carried out as soon as possible to ensure the safe use of the equipment. Recommendations may not necessarily render the equipment unsafe, but may invalidate your insurance and leave you liable if an accident occurred. 

Recommended General Checks for Air Products

  1. Check you have picked the right location for the product. To prevent damage, make sure there is no debris in the area. If you are using the product outside, always use a ground cover.
  2. Set up the equipment in line with the instructions in the manufacturer user manual.
  3. Check for any air leaks. If you find a leak, make sure that all valves are closed properly. The pins inside of the grey valves are often left open (pin in) when the cap is placed on the valve, which means the valve will still be leaking air. Always make sure the valve is closed (pin out) before placing the cap on it. Please note that AirTrack Factory products are not 100% airtight. It is normal for an AirProduct to lose some pressure over time and you may need to refill them a few times a day. If you have any concerns at all please contact us before using the product.