AirTrack Stratos


Limited Edition

This limited edition AirTrack Stratos has a larger surface than our standard home edition AirFloors and it's twice as thick, taking your training to new heights. 

Made from the best quality Sports Double Wall Fabric (SportsDWF), AirTrack Factory have perfected their very own recipe for the perfect bounce as well as a special leak prevention technology for longevity. This consists of extremely durable material, connected from top to bottom with approx. 80,000 threads per M². The amount and strength of these treads ensures that the air track has a nice flat and stable surface, so the user has a safe and even rebound. The seam protection technology used by AirTrack Factory makes these products very durable.    

The AirTrack Stratos measures 5m x 1.4m x 20cm. 

We recommend purchasing an OV10 Blower  with this AirTrack.

Available for a limited time only. 


£1200.00 after VAT ( £1,000.00 before VAT )
500x140x20 cm

*The product photos shown are only examples and for representational purposes only. Some products technical specifications frequently change in order to maintain cutting edge products. If there is something that you specifically wish to ensure please raise this at the point of purchase.

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