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Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline

Olympic Competition Trampoline

Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline

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The Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline boasts impressive state of the art equipment and has a host of improvements in sturdiness, usability, security and solidity. It's the number one competition trampoline on the world stage and will be used for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo! The Eurotramp Ultimate trampoline is used in all national level competitions within the UK. See Eurotramp's event references here.  

For competition and training use

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The Eurotramp Ultimate trampoline is the trampoline for the future, used for high level competition and training, this is simply the most powerful trampoline in the Eurotramp range. Eurotramp have listened to customer feedback, improved on their already excellent frame design and then had it tested by the world's top athletes! The Ultimate trampoline is designed to be easier to handle when setting up and packing away, increase the stability of the trampoline and make the trampoline last longer than other frames. The athletes all tested different versions of the new frame design and there was one clear winner, from that the Ultimate trampoline was born. 

  • 200% more tension in the leg section, compared to other trampoline models, giving an outstanding stability to the frame.
  • Long term consistent performance characteristics and reduced 'jump-in time'.
  • Supreme quality high-tech steel gives the frame a superb balance between flexibility & strength
  • “Easy-Lock-System” to set up the trampoline quicker and more efficiently.
  • Laser-cut accuracy giving the new frame design greater potential for safety.
  • Uniquely engineered hinge design with block friction bearings giving more resistance to wear & tear.
  • “Ultimate” springs for optimum dynamics and longevity.
  • Choose from a 4x4mm bed or 5x4mm jumping bed (with new markings according to the 2017 FIG specifications).
  • Choose from roller stands, lifting roller stands or the new safe and comfort hydraulic roller stands. Need help choosing the right roller stands for you? Read which roller stands to choose
  • Make old style Integral end decks compatible with Ultimate trampolines with an adaption kit  
  • Make old style International end decks compatible with Ultimate trampolines with an adaption bar
  • Available with 32 mm, 50 mm foldable or 50 mm stationary padding
  • FIG Certificate
  • TÜV Certified
  •  Recommended minimum ceiling height is 8m
  • Storage dimensions are 80cm wide x 321cm long x 192-220cm high (depending on roller stands chosen)
  • Dimensions when unfolded are 305cm wide x 520cm long x 115cm high
  • Approximate weight is 260kg

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Ultimate Review From Kat Driscoll

This is what two time Olympian Kat Driscoll has to say- 

"I love trampolining because there's nothing quite like the feeling of flying through the air, unrestricted. I compete and train on Eurotramp trampolines, the power and stability they offer is simply amazing and gives me the confidence I need to aim high and achieve my goals"