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Black Friday Deals 2018

Posted by admin on November 22, 2018

Buying Guide for Home AirTracks

This year we have our lowest ever price on our most popular product for home use, the AirFloor Home. If your head is in a spin and you can’t choose which AirTrack is right for you then this simple guide might be just the thing you need.


You’ll find everything you need with us for your athlete this Christmas and at the best prices. So here are some of our favourite deals this year:

AirFloor Home 

Top of the Christmas list this year for most athletes is an AirTrack. Perfect for polishing those WOW skills at home or in the gym. Whether your sport is gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, parkour or marital arts, the AirFloor Home offers what you need to level up. This Black Friday weekend we are offering a staggering 25% discount on the AirTrack Factory AirFloor Home. Just use the discount code BF2018 at the checkout to claim your discount. It’s available in pink or blue and can be used indoors or outside.

Can’t purchase this weekend? No problem, with the discount code ATF15 you can claim 15% discount on orders until the end of November 2018, so there is still plenty of time left to grab a top-quality product at a bargain price.

  • 3m x 1m x 10cm
  • Most popular product for home use
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

AirFloor3x1_mixmp (002).png

AirTrack Stratos

If you are looking for a statement piece, then look no further than the limited edition AirTrack Stratos. With the AirTrack Stratos your loved one will be the envy of their friends this year. Only available until Christmas (or while stocks last), the AirTrack Stratos is bigger than other home edition AirFloors. It is twice as thick, allowing you to elevate your training in style.

This limited edition AirTrack from AirTrack Factory has a unique colouring compared to the standard product range. The top surface is grey with a sleek black centre line and an eye-catching orange trim.  

 Use the discount code ATF15 for a 15% discount on purchases until the end of November or while stocks last. 

AirTrack Factory have perfected their very own recipe for the ultimate bounce and with the addition of a special leak prevention technology, so shop with us and you’re sure to have the best Christmas jumper this year!  

  •  5m x 1.4m x 20cm
  • Limited Edition Product
  • 2-year warranty
  • Biggest Home Use AirTrack Factory Product



These soft and bouncy inflatable AirSpots from AirTrack Factory are available in three sizes. They are basically round versions of the AirFloor and AirTracks, but the shape gives the product and different look and offers wide variations of use. AirSpots are a great motivator to give you that extra boost and believe us, they’re WHEELY good… Sorry, we couldn’t resist a cheesy pun! However, these AirSpots are no joke and are a perfect training tool for young athletes.

  • Small – 70cm in diameter, 10cm thick
  • Medium – 100cm in diameter, 20cm
  • Large – 140cm in diameter, 30cm thick



If you are looking for a smaller, cheaper, air product to start your air product collection or compliment an existing piece, the AirBoard is a great investment. Used on its own or in a combination with other products, it’s quick to inflate, very versatile and easy to store. Weighing just 2.5kg, it’s easily to transport so you can take your training anywhere your imagination takes you.

  • Quick to inflate
  • Easy to store
  • Versatile
  • 60 x 100 x 10cm



Similar to the AirBoard but offering more bounce the AirBlock is a family favourite. The depth increases the versatility, so you can have it as firm or as soft as you like. Whether you are using it to master your pop vault, boost your wall pass or aid with senior gym, the AirBlock offers the support you need, using the same high-quality material used in professional AirTracks.  

  •  60 x 100 x 20cm
  • Portable
  • Adjust the pressure to suit your needs



Great product, affordable price. The AirBeam is the perfect training tool to master skills safely before taking them to the Beam. The AirBeam is low to the ground but has a raised centre line so the athlete can feel the width of the beam, allowing them to master those beam hops or switch jumps with a soft landing.

  • Available in 3m or 5m
  • Safe
  • Raised centre line

AirBeam blue/pink

We’re an honest British company who are passionate about the products and service we offer. We offer easy ordering through our website or over the phone. We want all of our customers to flip, twist, roll and jump your way into 2019 on the in style, so if you still aren’t sure which product is right for you then give us a call or write us an email and we’ll be happy to chat and offer some friendly advice from our team of experts.  

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