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Freestyle Trampoline


The Eurotramp freestyle trampolines are ideal training tools for bikers, snowboarders, freeskiers, wakeboarders, freerunners and skaters. These trampolines are a great way to learn new tricks and to help to improve skills, agility, coordination and endurance under consistent conditions. Eurotramp is a worldwide leading company who specialise in building the very best trampolines on the market today.

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With the Ultimate Freestyle you can build your version of the Olympic competition trampoline!

  • Frame size 520cm x 305cm x 115cm (when unfolded)
  • Performance adaptable by many different jumping beds to suit your needs (6x6mm or 6x4mm for high-performance level, 13mm is specially for use with bikes and boards)
  • Ultimate springs for maximum power
  • Landing mats or safety platforms available as optional extras
  • Movable with transport units/roller stands
  • Suitable for indoor use only


The brand new Freestyle 52 Trampoline!

  • Brand new freestyle fivesquare trampoline
  • 5 x 5m frame size
  • Powerful hand-woven jumping bed
  • Option available to customise the sides with your own branding/logo
  • Stationary use
  • Suitable for indoor use only
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