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Eurotramp Indoor Pit Trampoline

Eurtramp Indoor Pit Trampoline

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These trampolines are best suited to be used in interior freestyle academies, gyms and sport centres. The trampolines are level with the ground meaning the risk of children crawling beneath them is reduced and also makes them the ideal for wheelchair sports. These trampolines are available in four different jumping beds: 4x4 mm and 6x4 mm for high performance and competitions, as well as 13 mm and 45 mm for freestyle academies and wheelchair sports. 

  • Frame size 524 x 316cm
  • Jumping bed overall size 426 x 213cm
  • 110 steel springs and 8 corner springs
  • 32mm frame padding
  • Required pit depth is 115cm
  • TÜV Certified

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