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Gymnastics Trampette

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Eurotramp Minitramp 112 / 125 with Double Perlon Bed and Cables

  • Frame sizes - 125 x 125cm or 112 x 112cm
  • Adjustable heights
  • Eurotramp quality
  • Shock absorbing frame pads


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Product Information

Trampettes have been produced by Eurotramp since 1960. Thanks to Eurotramps dedication to detail, they have been perfected over the years to the model we offer now. 

Minitramps 112 or 125 are angled, but could be supplied with equal height leg sections if required. The difference between the 112 and the 125 is purely the size, with surface areas of either 112 x 112cm or 125 x 125cm.

This model is supplied with a double perlon bed and cables, but could also be produced with springs on request.   

Download the minitramp factsheet.

Minitramp 112

  • Frame measures 112 x 112cm
  • Height 35.3 - 40.5cm
  • Comes with a solid double perlon bed measuring 60 x 60cm
  • Packing dimensions 120 x 117 x 10cm
  • Weight approx 29kg
  • Adjustable height

Minitramp 125

  • Frame measures 125 x 125cm 
  • Height 35-42cm
  • Comes with a solid double perlon bed measuring 70 x 70cm and rubber cables
  • Packing dimensions are 130 x 130 x 10cm
  • Weighs approx 32kg
  • Adjustable height

Delivery Information

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Delivery to mainland UK is included in the price. Other areas please contact us for a delivery quote before ordering. 

Orders are typically delivered within 48 hours from dispatch.

Why Choose Eurotramp?

Eurotramp are the worlds leading trampoline manufacturer. With over 55 years experience, they focus on producing high quality products for our customers in the UK.

We are the sole UK supplier for Eurotramp products. We import these products from Germany for you, but we also sell to many other UK businesses, so you may see them advertised elsewhere as well.

With Eurotramps decades of experience, combined with modern technology you can trust in the quality of the products if you choose this brand.  

If you need inspiration for using trampettes, why not checkout Eurotramp's online minitramp education. You will find information on how to use trampettes safely, as well as information on skills and progression.