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Which Blower Is Best For Your AirTrack?

Posted by Frankie on March 19, 2019

How To Choose The Right Pump To Inflate Your AirTrack

If this article interests you, congratulations! That means you’ve already decided to purchase an air product from the World’s leading air track manufacturer, AirTrack Factory. In the UK you can purchase AirTrack Factory products through Gymaid. AirTrack Factory really are the best choice for inflatable gymnastics mats and suitable for many disciplines, including home gymnastics, cheerleading, dance and parkour, to name a few.

So, we understand there’s some speculations on buying the right pump to suit your air product. Here’s a little insight to clear things up, so you can find the right pump to inflate your AirTrack Factory product.

Foot Pump

The foot pump is the cheapest pump option for your airtrack, but the most portable option available for small air products. If you are planning to tumble on your track in the park or at the beach, the portability of this pump is for you. The foot pump is used for smaller home edition air products and although it is the cheapest option, it can reach an whopping 300mbar in pressure. It can be used both inside and outside without the need of a power connection. The foot pump has a built-in pressure gauge, you can get an accurate judgement of pressure whilst inflating at the same time… it’s a win win really.

Foot Pump to inflate portable airtracks
OV10 electric blower for high pressure in airtracks

OV10 Blower

If the foot pump isn’t your idea of luxury and you need something to get the job done quickly, then the OV10 electric blower is the one for you. It can be used with home edition products and can even accompany the larger blowers to give higher pressures to the bigger products. The OV10 blower can reach a maximum pressure of 250mbar and is perfect to reduce the inflation time of small to medium air products.



The Hikoki blower (formerly known as the Hitachi) is for rapid inflation on larger air products; if you need the job done quickly then this is your option. The Hitachi blower can reach up to 90 mbar and is perfect for medium and large products. All ATF blowers double up as a deflation tool, so no more rolling along the track to get every little bit of air out... unless you enjoy that part obviously.

Hikoki Blower for large airtracks

How long does it take to inflate an AirProduct?

The majority of the air products can be inflated extremely quickly. Most within 4 minutes, thanks to our high performance blowers. A 12 x 2 m AirTrack P2 takes 2½ min to inflate using a single Hikoki blower. Smaller home use objects can be inflated within minutes using a foot pump. However, you won’t beat the speed and high pressure inflation of our OV10 blowers!

Is there a chance of damaging an Air Product by over pressurising it?

No, the extreme pressure needed to actually damaging an air product cannot be reached with the blowers we supply.

Can we use another blower with an AirTrack Factory product?

The blowers we supply have been thoroughly tested with the products to ensure they are the best available for you. We can supply the adaptor on it’s own, but we don’t recommend using anything other than the blowers AirTrack Factory have tested. We wouldn't want you to spoil the experience of owning an airtrack by using a  substandard pump that has the potential not to reach the pressures you need for a great training session.  

If you’re still not overly confident on the correct pump for you, contact the team at We will be more than happy to talk you through the best options.

Check out the helpful video of the blowers in action below.


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