New Bed Markings For Horizontal Displacement

Posted by claire on February 6, 2017

All 2017 orders for 4x4, 5x4 or 6x4mm beds will now come with the new markings for horizontal displacement. Horizontal displacement describes the deviation of the landing position outside the middle box marked in red. The trampoline bed is divided into individual fields to assist evaluation (as shown in the picture).

With the new regulations from the FIG, all trampoline beds which are used in FIG competitions must be marked with the additional red lines. On the National Trampoline Competition circuit in the UK, from 2017, we will be supplying trampolines with these new markings.

Read more about the new regulations in the FIG Code of Points

Want to upgrade your existing equipment with the new markings? Contact us and we will be happy to help. We can supply red paint, stencils or just helpful advice. 

HDTS trampoline measurement system from Eurotramp is now available!