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Posted by Frankie on April 21, 2020

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 Staying away from your friends, family and your gym is hard, right? 

Take control, take your training home  

With the current pandemic bringing the UK to lockdown, it’s a worrying time for all of usThe whole situation can feel truly unbelievableWe’ve been absolutely amazed to see so many gymnasts and coaches refuse to let their fitness suffer in these unprecedented times. We’ve been so inspired by the dedication we’ve seen from you all! 

At Gymaid our staff are working hard to keep stock levels up and keep our products flowing to our customersStaying away from your friends, family and gyms is tough, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take your training home and stay safe 

This week we are featuring an affordable piece of Strength & Conditioning equipment, the foam rollerIt can be used by gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike. 

With its multiple uses, the Gymaid Foam Roller is a perfect addition to your home or gym workouts, activation, and recovery.  Using foam rollers post-exercise and stretching can help speed up recovery, meaning you are ready to train the next day to the best of your ability and continue smashing your personal goals! 


Product Application – Home Use

The Gymaid Foam Roller is easily applicable within your home!  Its many different uses can take place in even the smallest of rooms.  All that is needed is a floor space big enough to sit in and a wall free of frames or rails.

This can be a great way to push out any built-up lactic acid from legs after sitting at your home desk for hours.  Simply clear some space on the floor of your home office and sit down on top of your roller.  If like me, you struggle with shoulder pains when sitting down for a long period of time due to poor posture then the roller is again perfect!  Simply find a blank wall, lean into the roller against the point of pain and gently roll the area until the aching subsides.

An added feature to the Gymaid Foam Roller is the internal storage space that can be used to store your Gymaid Sports Tape and Gymaid Resistance Bands.  Alternatively, you could store any of your favourite snacks inside, hidden away from your family that just won’t stop eating your limited supply of Rich Tea biscuits!

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Product Application – Gym Use

When lockdown is lifted and we're able to get back to the gym, the foam roller can still be a great strength and conditioning training aid. 

Having a Gymaid Foam Roller available in our gym has benefited me and my gymnast's training already (before the lockdown). Not only can it serve as a post-training aid but can be used as a pre-training activation aid!  It can be used to assist in various activation and stability exercises such as hip bridges and wall squats.  By resting your gymnast feet on this foam roller in a hip bridge it will add an extra element of core stability warm up.  Likewise, with the wall squats, by placing the roller between the gymnast and the wall all focus will be on the leg activation and core stability, rather than potential poor back posture and little core stability. 

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Tired of looking around post competition for lost clothing items?  The storage space proves useful for carrying any water bottles, gym shorts, sports tape and resistance bands you may have with you at your competitions.

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Due to its smooth black surface, you can easily personalise your Gymaid Foam Roller.  With signatures of your biggest Gymnastics Idols or the best drawing of your favourite apparatus, you’ll never have any fear of misplacing your Gymaid items.

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