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Eurotramp Open-End Exclusive Trampoline

Gym minitramp

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The Eurotramp Grandmaster Exclusive Open-End Trampoline is designed as a training trampoline which has an open end facing a foam pit allowing the athletes to practice a variety of moves with a soft landing. This specific trampoline development is not just suitable for trampoline gymnasts but can also be utilized as a support for learning exercises in other (gymnastics) disciplines. Due to the frame-free edge at the top end, fear of landing on part of the frame is non-existent.

For training use

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  • Frame size 520 x 305 x 115 cm
  • Available with roller stands (RS), lifting roller stands (LRS) or safe & comfort hydraulic roller stands (S&C)
  • Need help choosing the right roller stands for you? Read which roller stands to choose
  • Made of a special galvanized steel
  • Open-end ideal for training into a pit
  • 90 ultimate/premium steel springs and 8 reinforced corner springs 8 Reinforced Corner Spring 
  • Shock-absorbing and robust coverall frame and spring padding system
  • Genuine hologram seal
  • Total weight: 235 kg
  • TÜV Certified
  • Recommended minimum ceiling height is 7m

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