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Eurotramp Grandmaster School Trampoline

Gym minitramp

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The benefits of trampolining are amazing; not only does it strengthen limbs, encourage patience with taking turns, improve communication, balance, self confidence, co-ordination, muscle tone, stamina and spatial awareness, it is also really fun!    

The Eurotramp school line trampolines have been developed especially for use in schools, therapy or recreational use in leisure centres. With a choice of either a grandmaster or master trampoline frame, the school trampolines have a special polymesh jumping bed made from tearproof, synthetic fabric. The jumping bed offers ideal jumping comfort with an equivalent performance level to a 13mm webbed bed. 

  • Grandmaster School Trampoline dimensions (unfolded)- 520cm long x 305cm wide x 108cm high
  • Storage dimensions for Grandmaster School Trampoline- 334cm long x 80cm wide x 197-220cm high (depending on roller stands chosen)
  • Recommended minimum ceiling height is 6m for either models
  • A choice of either Safe & Comfort, Lifting or Standard Roller Stands 
  • TÜV Certified product 
  • Available with roller stands (RS), lifting roller stands (LRS) or safe & comfort hydraulic roller stands (S&C)
  • Need help choosing the right roller stands for you? Read which roller stands to choose

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