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Eurotramp Exclusive Trampoline

 High End Trampoline Equipment

Eurotramp Premium Trampoline

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The Eurotramp Exclusive Trampoline is the forerunner model to the Premium trampoline and was Eurotramp’s top outcome for many years. The frame of this trampoline is galvanized and made from special steel, allowing for great stability as well as frame elasticity. Should you wish to upgrade in the future, the frame of this trampoline can be easily converted to premium for extra stability.


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This specific trampoline was used for the Olympic Games in both 2000 and 2004, proving it to be a high end product which has been used for many years in sport and expert circles and is continuing to be used in top-class competitions today. 

  • Trampoline frame is 520 x 305 x 115 cm and made of special galvanized steel
  • Leg are a flat oval tube made of special galvanized steel, reinforced by braces
  • 110 premium steel springs and 8 reinforced corner springs 
  • Shock-absorbing and robust frame pads
  • Genuine security hologram seal
  • Total weight 250 kg
  • Storing dimensions when folded 334 x 80 x 220 cm (197cm when lowered)
  • Available with roller stands (RS), lifting roller stands (LRS) or safe & comfort hydraulic roller stands (S&C)
  • Need help choosing the right roller stands for you? Read which roller stands to choose
  • FIG Certificate
  • TÜV Certified
  • Recommended minimum ceiling height is 7m

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