Eurotramp Hobby Tramp

Eurotramp Hobby Tramp

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This quick and easy trampoline can be set up by two people in approximately 30 minutes. Thanks to this speedy assembly system, the Hobbytramp can also be dismantled extremely quickly. Like all Eurotramp leisure models, this trampoline is designed to be used all year round and offers quality features. The Eurotramp Hobbytramp offers an amazing and quality high-value piece of apparatus for guaranteed year-long fun.  

  • Frame size 365 x 223 x 90cm, made of special steel (hot dip galvanized)
  • Legs are removable round tubes made of special steel (4 pieces)
  • 80 steel springs (length 235mm x 30mm)
  • Jumping bed (280 x 140cm) made of PVC-coated synthetics (UV-resistant and weatherproof)
  • Frame padding made of high quality PE foam (max. 3% water reception) and robust PVC-covering
  • Total weight: 110 kg
£2220.00 after VAT ( £1,850.00 before VAT )

*The product photos shown are only examples and for representational purposes only. Some products technical specifications frequently change in order to maintain cutting edge products. If there is something that you specifically wish to ensure please raise this at the point of purchase.

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