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Trampoline Gymnastics Push On Mat

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Push in mat Gymaid.png
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Push in Mat


Learn New Skill With Safety & Confidence

Also referred to as spotting mats or push on mats. Push in mats are ideal for trampoline and double minitramp gymnastics. They offer gymnasts the confidence to learn new moves with a soft landing. Each mat is light weight offering the coach the necessary flexibility and speed needed.


*The product photos shown are only examples and for representational purposes only. Some products technical specifications frequently change in order to maintain cutting edge products. If there is something that you specifically wish to ensure please raise this at the point of purchase.

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Product Information

Our push in mats all have removable covers. This allows you to replace either just the foam inserts or the cover in the future. They are made from high quality materials that slide easily onto the trampoline to allow quick placement by the coach. 

  • Removable covers
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Easy grip handles
  • Lightweight for quick positioning


Our FIG Spec mat not only conforms to the FIG measurements, but also the foam density and functional properties. 

Delivery Information

Gymaid push in mats are all made to order. Delivery is approximately 4 weeks from ordering, but for a more accurate lead time please check with us at the point of ordering.    

The delivery cost is included in the price for mainland UK. 

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