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A Trampoline Springboard From Eurotramp


Eurotramp Booster Board


Eurotramp Booster Boards are suited to many disciplines. They can be used as a springboard in gymnastics, indoor parkour or freerunning, as a methodological tool in artistic gymnastics or at recreational level in leisure centres or schools.

Thanks to the small wheels on the frame, it is easily moved around a sports hall. The Booster Board is known as the modern springboard and offers the performance and comfort of a trampoline with low impact on the joints, making it a much more comfortable option for your gymnasts.  

Each model is adjustable in height between 26.5 and 32 cm, making the Booster Board easily adapted to the individual users needs.

  • Measures 135 x 100cm
  • Jumping bed size 93 x 57cm
  • Robust coverall frame pads
  • Adjustable in height
  • Weight is 33kg
  • Includes wheels for easy transport

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