Eurotramp double mini trampoline 190
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Eurotramp DMT 190

Double Minitramp with 13mm Bed

Eurotramp DMT 190

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 The Eurotramp DMT 190 was the favourite for many years in all major championships throughout the world in double-minitramp competitions. Although the Ultimate DMT is now the go to equipment for national and International DMT competitions, the DMT 190 is still an extremely popular choice for regional events. An adjustable version of the DMT 190 is available with a modified leg and chain in order to adapt the height. Please contact us for more information.

  • The DMT frame is 350 x 190 x 70 cm and made of special galvanized steel
  • 13mm Jumping bed
  • 98 steel springs (length 235mm x 28.5 mm) and 4 strengthened corner springs (length 258 mm x 39 mm)
  • Shock absorbing and stable frame pads
  • Genuine hologram label
  • Total weight 140 kg
  • Roller Stands
  • Storing dimensions when folded for the 190 model is 215 x 70 x 197 cm
£3840.00 after VAT ( £3,200.00 before VAT )

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