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As a UK supplier of gymnastics equipment, we have chosen AirTrack Factory for the excellent quality that their products offer. They focus on quality and strive to deliver the best service and highest quality products. AirTrack Factory have over 31 years of experience in the production of inflatables and all their products come with a 2 year warranty. If air products are looked after we rarely see a problem, but when problems do occur we can guide you through repairs step by step or alternatively we can offer a repair service for you. 

AirTrack Factory products are made from a double wall fabric (DWF), which is made up of two layers of coated fabric connected to each other by thousands of small threads to ensure a flat stable surface to the gymnastics mat. All products are airtight and the pressure can be easily adapted to the gymnasts weight and level.   

AirTrack Factory products are lightweight and ideal for many disciplines.  
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AirTrack Factory products are ideal for many disciplines. The products are airtight, light weight and easy to store...

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