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Posted by Frankie on July 1, 2020

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With the UK still in lockdown, it can be hard to stay motivated when training at home, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Gyms are starting to take the appropriate steps and putting plans in place for the safe reopening's and I couldn’t be more excited to get back to it. I have missed my normal training environment, but I’ve found some home workout tools that help me. Using the ab wheel consistently and with the proper form is very effective and challenging.  

The Gymaid Ab Wheel may look innocent, with its soft to the touch spongy handles and evenly gripped wheel surfaceIn reality, it is a next-level home workout tool that offers the easiest and most comfortable way to improve your core.  

The simple but effective design aids for both storage and transportation. It’s double wheel offers extra stability and easier control. Coloured in blue, black, and white our Gymaid branded wheels are simply stylish and the perfect addition to your already growing collection of Gymaid products. Due to the smooth glossy finish to the inside components, we have full confidence that you will not be put off by any unwanted squeaks or squeals from the wheels often created by imperfection inside. We have full confidence that this product will satisfy your need to stay connected with friends and get involved in online group activities at home. 

Gym Use – This conditioning device is a simple and easy way of engaging a gymnast’s core and building on their strength. Using the Gymaid Ab Wheel will incorporate a mixture of isometric and isotonic exercises that will improve strength, stability and range in the Abs, Chest, Shoulders and Arms. It is vital to use both isometric and isotonic exercises in your gymnastics training, one so stability and retention, the other for strength through a full range of motion. The forces endured during a gymnastics session require the highest level of core strength to reduce the chances of poor technique which lead to injury. 

Home Use – Ensure yourself and others able capable of a return to normality ASAP by keeping healthy using the Gymaid Ab Wheel.  Get active and invigorate your family in a game of who can roll out the furthest and longest without falling! Being friendly to one another and spreading happiness through your home is vital now. Playing games with our home products is a great way to ensure this, that we stay calm, and to continue being strong for each other. We only supply the best quality in our products and services for a reason. With the peace of mind where integrity is concerned you can take control, stay calm and relaxed at home, and find serenity in the competition of your strength and conditioning activities. I have found this a useful way of improving my flexibility too. By holding the wheel out in front of me in Japan, I can stretch more comfortably and with far more control than any external forces or muscle contractions. 

Tips :  

  1. Remember to keep your core locked tight, that means belly buttons tucked in. 

  1. Start off on your knees but for a more challenging workout try having your knees elevated onto the sofa or try it out in a front support. 

  1. Another variation is to use the ab wheel with your feet rested on it and tucking up into a ball. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your very own Ab wheel here and check out the rest of our strength and conditioning range. 

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