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Posted by claire on August 17, 2020

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Sorry, this sale has now ended

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We understand the challenges trampoline and DMT clubs have faced recently and we want to help. Now trampoline and double minitramp clubs are starting to open again after lockdown, we wanted to have a sale to help clubs bounce back from the pandemic.

We're calling it the... BOUNCE BACK SALE! (Yes we know, shamelessly a stolen from a recent government loan scheme, but we love it!)

From 17th August to 17th September 2020 we have a range of products on sale from trampoline spare parts to the most desired Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline. 

There is a reason why the Eurotramp brand are known worldwide for their high quality standards and their attention to detail. A detail that has supported many World Champions over the years to achieve that world title dream. Now is your chance to give your gymnasts the best, at a great price. 


Eurotramp Equipment On The Bounce Back Sale...

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Ultimate Trampolines

The Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline (with lifting roller stands and 32mm padding) is made in Germany. This signifies first class craftsmanship and that's exactly what you get with every Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline. This powerful FIG approved trampoline is without a doubt the most desired trampoline for the competitive trampoline market. The laser cut accuracy in production gives the frame design greater potential for safety, giving you security and piece of mind in your investment. Set up and set down in also a breeze with the patented easy lock system. 

  • Original price - £7920
  • Sale price - £7128
  • Saving - £792 

Ultimate DMT's

Double minitramp is an exciting and thrilling discipline of gymnastics that is still growing in the UK. The Eurotramp Ultimate DMT offers thrill seeking athletes a unique energy efficiency unseen before. This FIG approved piece is for high performance and is extremely powerful.   

  • Original Price - £4440
  • Sale Price - £3996
  • Saving - £444


Eurotramp Spare Parts On The Bounce Back Sale...



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You can also find parts for your Eurotramp trampolines right here...and they are on sale too! 

4x4mm trampoline beds

4mm beds are used with Eurotramp Ultimate or Premium trampolines and are produced for high level competition and training.  The beds measure approximately 426 x 213cm, which is made from 4mm wide woven nylon bands which give you the ultimate rebound. They have sewn in anchor bars to help fitting the trampoline bed go as smoothly as possible. So if your trampoline needs a bit of TLC, now is the perfect time.  

  • Original Price - £2460
  • Sale Price - £2214
  • Saving - £246


Ultimate Trampoline Springs

A metal spring is not the most exciting part about a trampoline, however, it's an essential trampoline part to get you flying through the air safely. Over time, the springs tension is reduced and this can make the bounce feel soft. For high performance clubs it's good practice to keep a stock of spare springs and to change the springs regularly, this helps the gymnasts get the most out of each bounce.

Prices below are based on a set of 110 ultimate springs and 8 corner springs that will completely rejuvenate your trampoline equipment. 

  • Original Price - £708
  • Sale Price - £637.20
  • Saving - £70.80

Frame Pads

We cannot emphasise enough how important correctly fitting and good condition frame pads are. An incorrect takeoff can happen in any gymnasts career, especially when perfecting new skills. That is when the protection offered by the shock absorbing Eurotramp frame pads are most important. 

Prices below are based on Eurotramps 32mm frame padding

  • Original Price - £1116
  • Sale Price - £1004.40
  • Saving - £111.60


Lifting Roller Stands

Lifting roller stands are our most popular roller stand option for trampoline coaches across the UK. They allow you to lift and lower the trampoline and safely and securely wheel the trampoline into storage.

However, it is critical to keep this particular part of the trampoline well maintained for the safety of the coaches setting up the equipment. If the roller stands splay out from the trampoline at all, this is a clear indication that repairs or replacement is needed. We can assist with repairs or you can purchase a replacement

  • Original Price - £312
  • Sale Price - £280.80
  • Saving - £31.20


Claim Your 15% Discount In The Bounce Back Bundle

Perfectly produced jumping beds and precision spun springs work in partnership to deliver the ultimate experience. Replacing the bed and springs during our bounce back sale can see you getting an amazing 15% off and get your trampolines feeling like new again. There is no need to use a discount code on the bundle, the discount is already applied! Purchase the bundle here

  • Original Price - £3168
  • Sale Price - £2692.80
  • Saving - £475.20


We truly understand that now is not the right time for every club to invest in their trampoline equipment, but if you have funds available and it is a good time for you this is an amazing deal not to be missed. 

  • For the 4x4 bed, lifting roller stands, frame pads & springs don't forget to use the coupon code BB10 at the checkout to claim your discount!
  • There is no need to add the code for the bundle, the discount is already applied.
  • To purchase an Ultimate Trampoline or DMT, the best way to do this is by emailing




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