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Posted by claire on August 5, 2020

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The COVID-19 crisis has turned the whole world upside down and so many people have been dramatically impacted. Day to day life has changed and everyone is adapting to new ways of life. In England, most gymnastics clubs are opening up again and finding their feet. I have to say, we've been so impressed with all the videos we've seen gymnastics clubs producing to show their members the new procedures! We sincerely hope you find the new way of life as smooth as possible and bouncing back from this challenging time.  

With that in mind, we thought now is the perfect time to highlight some benefits of a brand new product!

The AirBoard Boost, from AirTrack Factory, is a gymnastics springboard with a difference. It offers a spectacularly powerful bounce, with the soft touch of air, helping people to jump higher. It is ideal for gymnastics or dry side diving training. 


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What is the difference between a traditional springboard and an AirBoard Boost? The Airboard Boost is an inflatable product, so it isn't daunting for young gymnasts to run at. The combination of the softness of air and the powerful rebound it offers is truly unique. You can also adjust the pressure in the AirBoard Boost to suit the age and ability of it's user. 

The AirBoard Boost comes with hook and loop connections as standard, but suction cup attachments are also available for anyone wishing to use it on a sports hall floor. The suction cups stabilise the AirBoard Boost and stop it from slipping on a hard floor when in use. 


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Unlike other pieces of gymnastics equipment, the AirBoard Boost is easy to wipe clean! Making it a COVID friendly piece of gymnastics equipment. 

 With a new way of living, why not try a new piece of equipment.


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