About AirTrack Factory

AirTrack Factory specialise in air products for professional and home use. AirTrack Factory have over 31 years experience in the production of inflatables. They are proud to deliver the highest quality AirTracks and bring safe and durable equipment to gyms all around the world.

As a UK supplier of gymnastics equipment, we have chosen to import AirTrack Factory products because of their quality, and the company ethos for customer satisfaction. We are very proud of this partnership and are very excited to expand our product range with these innovative products that are manufactured to the highest quality.

AirTracks are rapidly becoming standard equipment in gyms across the world and that is not without reason. AirTracks are not only safe to jump and land on, they are also portable and airtight.

Level up and have fun! 


Recommended by Damien Walters

World famous freerunner & stuntman   –   www.youtube.com/user/damienwalters   –   Derby, UK

Both his YouTube channel and his IMDB page are out of control! This world famous freerunner, tumbling champion and stuntman has reached the absolute top! Damien is well known for his impressive YouTube stunt-compilations and a proud AirTrick user.

“AirTrack Factory challenged me to try out their AirTrick. When it arrived at our Derby Gym the boys and I started trying to take it to its limits right away. We’ve now been training on it for a few months and I’m still amazed at how much fun and variation the AirTrick keeps on offering. I’d definitely recommend AirTrack Factory’s inflatable mats to any gym; it’s great equipment for both recreational and professional sportsmen. We made a video showing some of the new jumps we’ve been doing which hopefully demonstrates how good the mat is! – check it out on my YouTube channel!”


Some benefits of choosing AirTrack Factory products: 

  • Airtight products, so no constant noise in training
  • Air products offer a softer landing for the joints, resulting in less injuries!
  • Each product undergoes an extensive quality control and is tested on size, flatness, colour and special requirements
  • 24 months protection against manufacturing defects (transport costs not included)
  • A lifespan of more than 7 years is definitely not uncommon
  • Problems rarely occur but when an AirProduct is leaking, the repair takes no longer than 10 minutes with the help of a repair kit and instruction video we’ll provide you with
  • Customer satisfaction is the soul of our company
  • We are constantly improving our products and services
  • Custom sizes and products possible
  • Personalised pressure


  • The pressure of all AirProducts can adapted within seconds
  • The pressure to use depends on the weight and level of the sportsmen / sportswomen

Click here to see the following pressures we use as a rough guidelines:


3-10 years: 70-90 mbar
10-16 years: 100-120 mbar
16 and older: 120-200 mbar

AirTrack P2

3-10 years: 40 – 60 mbar
10-16 years: 60 – 80 mbar
16 and older: 80 – 110 mbar

AirTrack P3

3-10 years: 30 – 40 mbar
10-16 years: 40 – 60 mbar
16 and older: 60 – 80 mbar

Want to know more about our Air Track Factory products? Get in touch with us here at Gymaid by visiting our Contact Us page!

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