AirFloor - 3m x 1m x 10cm (Small Item)


Available in pink or blue!

The AirFloor is a fantastic piece of gymnastics equipment to use in the gym or at home. This inflatable gymnastics mat is one of the most popular products we offer. It gives an extra boost in takeoff, which makes skills easier and safer to learn. The takeoff and landing is soft, which also helps to prevent injuries. 

  • Available in pink or blue
  • Part of the AirTrack Training Set
  • Very light weight and easy to move around the gym
  • Price includes a foot pump
  • Upgrade to an OV10 Blower for quicker inflation
  • Product codes - / 


Pumps - The price includes a foot pump, but you can choose to upgrade to an OV10 Blower or select no pump needed if you would like just the AirFloor without a pump. 

As a UK supplier of gymnastics equipment, we have chosen AirTrack Factory for the excellent quality that their products offer. They focus on customer satisfaction and have over 31 years of experience in the production of inflatables. Each M² of AirTrack equipment consists of 80,000 threads, offering an extremely stable rebound. Every AirTrack is handmade by a team of experts with extensive quality control checks. Nothing beats a great training session, but if you want to train safely at home, then look no further. Level up and have fun! 


£425.00 ( £510.00 after VAT )
3x1x0.1 cm

*The product photos shown are only examples and for representational purposes only. Some products technical specifications frequently change in order to maintain cutting edge products. If there is something that you specifically wish to ensure please raise this at the point of purchase.

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